Our People

It Begins
With Irony.

The retail industry is constantly faced with paradox. Better service with lower costs. Broader scale with local reach. Disruptive ideas with proven outcomes. To meet these demands, you have to accept the necessity of both sides and engage with it. After years of searching for "it" in others, the irony was "it" was within our reach all along.
Alisha Watkins and Amanda Whitman

We're a Better
Way Forward.

We're a refreshing alternative to a typical agency. We simply ask good questions, identify sales objectives and apply our experience. We're confident in our strategies and give you the framework for successful retail activations, including the right partners and recommended budgets.


We're skilled in many areas of retail.
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  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Insight-Based Solutions
  • Insight Development
  •  Shopper Behaviors and Attitudes
  • Flawless Activation
  • Comprehensive Retail Understanding
  • E-Commerce Site Merchandising
  • Brand Translation
  • Small Business Acumen
  • Category Leadership
  • Retail Specific Merchandising
  • Training & Development

Meet The Co-Founders


With marketing insights, strategic planning, and executive management experience, Allisha knows how to identify businesses opportunities and drive long-term growth.
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Amanda Whittaker


Amanda is a shopper marketing pro experienced with large and small brands, agencies, and CPG's, national and regional consumer targets with multiple routes to market.
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