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At Paradox, transparency is expected. Our passionate team shows up with a desire to work with you in a meaningful way to grow your brands through retail.

We do this in 3 paradoxical ways.

Retail Strategy

 We start by identifying insight-driven growth strategies that achieve desired shopping behaviors. We define the success metrics that support sales objectives. Then we develop breakthrough ideas and identify relevant tactics that enable purchase. All the while, we ensure plans are scalable and regional, while intentional and flexible.

Operational Agility

We're a shopper marketing team built on speed and agility because brands and retailers expect it, and our clients deserve it. Expect communication to be clear, so decisions can be made quickly. We aim to remain creative and disciplined in order to innovate and optimize.

Rockstar Leadership

We have proven experience across all routes to market, and in most categories. So, get ready to grow your sales through best-in-class marketing strategy and activation. We work in a way that is proactive and patient, and we balance fierce determination with kindness.

What Matters Most

Keeping track of KPIs such as impressions, reach and clicks are good marketing measuring sticks, but we're more interested in positively impacting sales growth. That's why we also look at measurable objectives like sales, share, distribution, and velocity. This ensures our work is contributing to the overall business plan.

Not Like
The Others

Our strengths are best leveraged during an annual business planning process, development of shopper insights and shopper strategies or when building an activation plan based on established growth strategies.

We are proud to be women-owned.
We value transparency and accountability.
We expect excellence and extend grace.

If this resonates with you, we'd love to talk more about how we could add value to your business, your processes and your team.
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Need a Different Perspective?

New to shopper marketing? We can develop an immersion session for your team. Want a unique point of view? We're available for speaking engagements. Interested in shopping trends and what they might mean to our business models? Aren't we all. 

Good news is we can meet you wherever you are. Happy to talk. And we will all grow stronger by sharing our experiences. 

We'd love to meet you.

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